Whether it’s the ‘feel great’ go-to outfit, a statement party piece or simply, the perfect fit jean…when it comes to wardrobe favourites, there is always one or two items that get us every time.

Each month, we ask, what piece in your wardrobe gives you the most joy...and why? 

First up, Laura-Jean, founder of Arc & Artemis, had a gander though her garments and picked the one that made her smile the brightest.

And it's a goodie...



Who: Laura-Jean Fitzweijers. Founder Arc & Artemis 

Garment: Mira Mikati ‘Adrenaline Seekers’ Corduroy Shirt

Story: Clearly, I became a little obsessed with online ‘notnew’ shopping – hence this venture into Arc & Artemis commenced. I was very excited about this piece and when it arrived it certainly did not disappoint. In fact, it was decidedly more random than I’d hoped!

In midnight blue thick cord with glittery, random tapped bands of colour and a font a Swiss ski instructor from the early 90’s would endorse boldly stating ‘Adrenaline seekers’ I had an instant crush and couldn’t wait to show my husband my super new threads. Adorned in my radical shirt with glass of vino in hand I was a little surprised he wasn’t quite as enthralled as I was and leant more towards the bemused. However, it did make him smile and it makes me smile too and that is a top-quality mark in my books adding weight to why this delightfully odd Mira Mikati shirt is a favourite piece of mine.



To find out more about Mira Mikati's style and brand offering visit:

Mira Mikati | Official Website | miramikati.com