What is Slow Fashion?

As ‘Slow Fashion’ is an evolving concept there is a myriad of definitions out there attempting to coin the movement. Consequently, a cute one liner to sum it all up is unlikely to capture the fuller thinking behind the movement. That said however, there are some common threads purported in the thinking behind the slow fashion movement summarised below in our Arc & Artemis ‘Slow Fashion 101’.  

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

-Anna Lappe, Author


Emerging from the ‘Slow Food’ movement with its core drivers to push good, clean, fair food– the slow fashion movement follows suit in urging people to consider what they buy, how much they buy and from whom.

“Slow fashion is also about returning to a personal relationship with fashion. One where trends and seasons don’t matter, but where your ethics and aesthetics seamlessly unite, and you can escape the stress of constant consumption, focusing on the style that truly appeals to you.”

— Emilia Wik, Designer


Tips to get started with Slow Fashion:

Slow fashion is about a mindful shopping experience.

As the name denotes, Slow Fashion is an antithesis to Fast Fashion. Where fast fashion screams at you to buy more, buy regularly and consider your clothes as throw away commodities, Slow fashion bemoans a more considered approach. Step back, deliberate – buy less and buy quality. Buy what makes you feel good and what suits you. Focus on timelessness rather than trendiness.


Quality to endure.

Slow fashion engenders a ‘buy less but buy better’ approach to shopping. Invest in quality materials and beautifully tailored pieces that will last. By doing this you are also honouring the skill, passion and craft of the designers and tailors who craft the garments. Quality materials and expert tailoring will also provide extended life to garments.


Value fair treatment of people, animals and the planet.

Get curious about where your garment came from, the materials it was made from and what impact it could have in the world. There is a raft of ‘green washing’ out there especially in fast fashion circles where the trends are now shifting to include ‘greener’ messaging. Consider the fuller cycle of your garments -how many hands have worked to create the piece you are about to wear and then look at the cost of it and weigh up how fair you think each person could possibly have been treated along the way to produce it. There are great sources available to look into companies environmental and ethical practices. Ultimately it is us the consumers who can help support more positive impacts in the industry.

Check out ‘Good on You’ a global leading source of trusted brand ratings, articles and expertise on ethical and sustainable fashion since 2015.


Less is more & love is extra!

Where fast fashion urges the consumer to buy multiple cheaper items which can be discarded when the next trend emerges - slow fashion urges a conscious investment in a timeless piece you will treasure.  It is not anti-consumption – a girls got to dress! But it is about not over consuming. The movement is about celebrating your clothes and this means wearing them! Get good use out of your garments and treat them with respect – good care for your clothes with appropriate storage, cleaning and mending expands the life of them.


Love them then list them

Periodically shop your wardrobe. If you have fallen out of love with a piece of clothing consider on-selling or donating to allow its life-cycle to continue. Your un-used item could be someone else’s dream piece. There are many ways to expand the life of your clothes by either donation to charitable institutions like Dress for Success or the City Mission, or selling via profession resellers like Recycle Boutique or us – Arc & Artemis!


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