NOT NEW is here to bring luxury fashion resale to designer wardrobes.  We are lucky to have an engaged audience and are often asked questions –– so we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the interest and let you know the answers to our 5 most commonly asked questions…


Does NOT NEW sell second hand clothing?

Yes we do. We specialise in designer clothing which has been bought but hardly worn. Often our selections have tags on or have only had a handful of outings. We have a category rating from good to flawless and we offer any descriptions of what wear (if any) can be noticed. We are respectfully thorough with our inspections prior to acceptance as we know our discerning customer cares about the quality and presentation of their fashion.


How does NOT NEW differentiate from other second-hand designer clothing stores?

We love that there is great coverage for second hand clothing in NZ and celebrate the success of our friends over at Designer Wardrobe, Recycle Boutique as well as all the insta and fb resellers and we feel proud and privileged to be part of a growing movement to get NZ’s circular fashion economy pumping.

We set ourselves apart by specialising in two key areas – 1) scarcity and 2) quality. Yes, we are very fussy! We focus on the luxury side of the market and therefor take limited ranges which we curate based on the quality & condition of the garment as paramount. We love to showcase special pieces which are rare to find this side of the Tasman. We have a few vintage pieces in the mix however the majority of our pieces are only a season or few past.


Which brands do you sell and accept for consignment?

We accept brands from both NZ designers and international designers. We love to showcase those rarer pieces which are hard to find in NZ alongside coveted pieces from the homeland. A full list of our designers can be found here but some of our best sellers include;

Dolce & Gabbana

Alexander McQueen


Dries Van Noten


Diane von Furstenberg

Stella McCartney

And NZ designers;

Miss Crabb

Karen Walker

Helen Cherry

Maggie Marilyn

World Brand

Kate Sylvester



What if I buy something and its not right for me? Do you do returns and exchanges?

At NOT NEW we know you care about your fashion and our aim is to bring you the joy of an excellent purchase. If you receive your garment and it's not quite right – don’t fret! We want you to be thrilled with your piece so get in touch and we will arrange a return. Full return and exchange details can be found here


I would like to gift NOT NEW – do you do gift vouchers?

We surely do! (And they are lovely) We sell them on the website here so fill in the details and we can send to you or direct to your recipient.


We value the engagement with our audience so please always reach out with any questions or suggestions on and keep up with what we’re up to @notnew_nz - we love to hear from you!

Have fun getting dressed xox